The Sensation of Sound Ch. 2 – A Homosexual Erotic Story

Closing Chapter

“Uuhhh…” Kayne shuddered as a result of the wearisome, insensible voice scraped up the assist of his arms. “I’m lookin’ fer a Kayne Wright?” 

He blinked, swiveling in his desk chair to obtain a transient, rotund man in a wrinkled blue polo standing a few cubicles down from him. In his arms modified into as quickly as a puny, rectangular equipment with a white imprint dangling from a share of twine. 

“That’s me,” Kayne stated, lifting his hand within the air. 

The initiating man regarded over at him and nodded before shuffling over. Kayne tried to display his distaste on the scent of physique odor, and low-place cologne that shrouded the person esteem a cowl. “Right here ya glide,” he stated as he handed Kayne the equipment. “Merely worth right here fer me.” A puny clipboard modified into as quickly as held out to him with a crimson high-tail linked to it. 

Nostril wrinkled and sustaining his breath, Kayne positioned the field on his desktop and picked up a pen (refusing to the touch the chewed up one the person modified into as quickly as providing) to scribble his signature on the highlighted line. 

“Thanks,” he muttered. 

The portly man nodded, flashing yellow tooth as he grinned, before making his components out of uncover. Kayne shook his head, rubbing the assist of his arms as he grew to fluctuate into assist to his displays and regarded down on the equipment on his desk. It modified into as quickly as no larger than his cell phone, and wrapped in thick unassuming brown paper. Frowning, Kayne picked up the imprint to obtain his identify and work deal with neatly written in murky ink. He grew to fluctuate into it over to obtain the numerous aspect simple. There modified into as quickly as no identify or return deal with to image him who it modified into as quickly as from. 

“Efficiently that’s not creepy,” he grumbled. 

A transient view that his sister may effectively perhaps moreover need despatched him one factor, esteem a faux bloody finger, to mess with him flashed via his suggestions. However she usually wrapped his functions in primarily essentially the most garish, disgustingly crimson wrapping paper she may effectively perhaps procure. 

Tranquil wracking his thoughts for who may effectively perhaps possess despatched it, Kayne slid off the twine and tore off the paper. An equally unassuming white field modified into as quickly as below the paper. Kayne pulled off the lid to display a puny folded share of cardstock alongside along with his identify on it. Lifting it from the field, he found a sleek murky recorder sitting on the underside. 

“What the hell?” He whispered, brows furrowed. 

Who would ship him a recorder of all issues? Who even veteran these anymore? Feeling perplexed, Kayne returned his consideration to the share of cardstock and flipped it initiating. Kayne, 

Or not it’s taught in neat, fluid script. 

I simply won’t be going to be able to create it to dinner tonight, so I possess despatched this reward in my area. I am very sorry, nonetheless I shall uncover you the subsequent day. 



Warmth flooded Kayne’s cheeks as he be taught, and he mercurial hid the uncover in his backpack below his desk. He glanced round on the many cubicles on each aspect of him, ensuring no person modified into as quickly as paying him any suggestions. Homosexual no person had been taking a look at him, Kayne regarded down on the reward Nicholai had despatched him. 

His coronary coronary heart gave a puny squeeze and gooseflesh appeared on his forearms. He and Nicholai had been seeing each varied for the ultimate month and a half of, and Kayne had by no means felt so… alive.

Kayne had within the destroy attain throughout somebody past family whose voice didn’t bodily irritate or bother him. So it hadn’t been simple coming to phrases with precise how spicy Nicholai made him in reality really feel. After that first night collectively, Kayne had scurried home and hid in his condominium totally mortified. He’d gone home with a stranger and completed unspeakably gorgeous issues with him all attributable to his voice despatched his physique right into a frenzy and grew to fluctuate into his thoughts right into a pile of goo. These first few days after, Kayne had dutifully passed over the large Russian man, blockading his total existence out alongside along with his headphones all of the scheme via their rides home. Kayne knew if he so mighty as even glanced into these wooded space inexperienced eyes he’d lose all rational view. Nevertheless the person had been obnoxiously… persistent. By that subsequent work week, Nicholai had ragged him down ample to persuade him to accompany him on a date. From then on, Kayne found himself with Nicholai extra usually than not. 

It had taken a steady couple weeks for Nicholai’s voice to create him in reality really feel one factor varied than sexually aggravated. The primary non-sexual contact had been magnificent nonetheless not unwelcome. After a very tough work day the place his headphones had died midway via the day, Kayne had been caught being attentive to the clacking of keyboards and irate voices of his coworkers for 4 hours. With out his charger, he’d been compelled to undergo the onslaught of depressing sounds. He’d collapsed into Josh’s automobile with a raging migraine, and had barely registered Nicholai’s presence until his voice had curled round his waist. It had felt esteem two steady arms sustaining him, grounding him. Soothing his frayed nerves and sustaining his splitting cranium collectively. Since then, Nicholai’s voice had developed to supply him consolation as correctly as tips-numbing pleasure. Smiling softly, Kayne picked up the recorder, turning it over in his hand before turning it on. The display display flashed blue and ‘Uncover 01’ appeared in small murky letters. His smile widened and he reached right down to rummage round in his backpack to obtain the aux twine for his headphones. Nicholai had been seeking to assemble Kayne to take heed to his favorite Russian music artists since their first actual date. It modified into as quickly as adorably sweet that he’d made him a playlist. 

Kayne plugged one finish of the aux twine into his headphones and the numerous into the recorder. After inserting them over his ears, he tapped the play button and slid down in his chair to assemble overjoyed so he may effectively perhaps pay attention and work. There modified into as quickly as a puny little little bit of static that glad the underside of his ft after which a click on on. 

“Kayne.” The sound of Nicholai’s voice in his headphones, the phrases tracing up the assist of his thighs, had him freezing mid keystroke. His eyes grew large and he needed to strain himself to finish his mouth from falling initiating. “My Kayne,” Nicholai purred, his voice curling round Kayne’s thighs and latching on tightly. “I believed this is able to effectively perhaps moreover very correctly be an most interesting change since I can’t be there with you in particular person.” The stress on his thighs elevated until he unfold them to attempt to abet a few of it, his knees urgent into the underside of his desk. “It is miles the type of shame,” he sighed, the phrases teasing alongside Kayne’s neck. “A shame I can’t contact you myself. That my phrases will need to enact it for me.” A well-known pair of calloused thumbs swiped over his nipples making his breath hitch. “Can you in reality really feel me?” He rumbled. “Can you in reality really feel my phrases on your pores and skin?” Kayne shuddered as fingertips trailed down his torso to the ‘v’ between his hips. He sunk his tooth into his lower lip to protect from blurting out something impolite. 

“Forcing your thighs aside.” His legs jumped as a result of the phrases smacked on the inside of his thighs. “Digging my fingertips into the inside of your thighs.” He bit assist a moan as blunt nails dug into the delicate flesh. “I’ll precise think about your eyes rolling assist in your head as my lips tease your cock.” His eyes did precise that as a pair of light, heat lips skimmed alongside the underside of his shaft. 

“Oh god,” he whispered, his cock straining in his denims. He cleared his throat as discreetly as that it is likely you will think about, and shook his head, seeking to focus on his work with out reference to the wicked phrases invading his ears. 

Nicholai moaned, the sound sending shivers down Kayne’s spine. “Merely bearing in mind of you, flushed and panting. Begging for me.” One different moan echoed in his ears, and he needed to chunk down on his tongue to finish his have from echoing it. He may effectively perhaps precise barely create out the sound of 1 factor, and his cock pulsed when he realized it modified into as quickly because the sound of Nicholai jacking off. “So ravishing.” The fingers at his thighs curled up and round his hips to buy his ass. “I’ll uncover you crooked over the foot of my mattress. Legs unfold large as you display your self to me.” Kayne unfold his legs as a methods as his desk would enable as a result of the arms pulled his ass cheeks aside. “Compose you remember the sensation of my tooth sinking into your asscheeks before soothing the inspiring ache with my tongue?” He jumped when a location of tooth did precise that before the nice and cozy tip of a tongue traced over the invisible marks. “Kayne,” Nicholai growled. The tongue swept over his pores and skin and into the cleft of his ass to tease his entrance. 

“Fuck!” Kayne slapped a hand over his mouth to muffle the reveal as mighty as that it is likely you will think about. He glanced round, grateful these closest to him had their earbuds in and had been paying their ambiance zero consideration. 

“Can you in reality really feel my fingers?” The demand of modified into as quickly as hoarsely whispered into his ears, and he found himself nodding in reply. His hips lifted a few inches off his chair, his assist bowing, as a thick finger pressed into him. “Pressing into you? Stretching you initiating?” He found his tooth ripping into his tongue once more when a 2nd finger plunged into him. The burn of the stretch modified into as quickly as as legitimate as if he had been fleshy of his followers fingers. Nicholai moaned incoherently, his breath ghosting over the assist of Kayne’s neck. 

Kayne’s eyes slipped closed, and it felt esteem he modified into as quickly as there in his followers mattress room, the cool satin sheets in opposition to his pores and skin. He may effectively perhaps scent Nicholai’s favorite cedarwood physique wash, and the scent spurred his hips to push assist in opposition to the fingers. He may effectively perhaps even in reality really feel the heat of the person draped over him, his chest hair scraping alongside his assist and his beard rasping throughout his shoulder. 

“I am certain you favor to own my cock, certain?” Nicholai breathed. 

Kayne barely stopped himself from screaming out in frustration on the sudden lack of the fingers. He silently pleaded for Nicholai to agree with him assist up, and the new scorching, blunt head of Nicholai’s cock urgent in opposition to his entrance had him sighing out of assist. A darkish, raspy practice vibrated his headphones, and Nicholai spoke quietly. “I am certain you’re begging so prettily for it.” Kayne tensed, digging his nails into the arms of his desk chair as he waited for the ‘nonetheless’. “However you will need to effectively perhaps need to wait on for it.” There it modified into as quickly as. Kayne worthwhile to yowl, to demand of he give him what he worthwhile, nonetheless swallowed assist the phrases. “I shall uncover you the subsequent day. Right night, Kayne.” 

The phantom presence disappeared as a result of the audio clicked off, and Kayne slowly opened his eyes. His total physique modified into as quickly as thrumming with sexual vitality, his legs and arms twitching with it. He glanced down at his lap and grimaced on the obtrusive bulge.

Kayne mercurial unplugged the recorder, turning it off and stuffing it deep into his backpack. With shaky arms, he did his most interesting to assemble assist to his work and act as if nothing had happened. As if he wasn’t sitting at work with a raging anxious on, and his lover’s phrases ringing in his ears. His eyes mercurial strayed from his music to his backpack. Probably Nicholai had meant for him to take heed to that at home… The reminiscence of Nicholai sporting a ugly, self delighted smirk on their first date as Kayne tried to display his raging anxious on below the desk had him rethinking that. Regardless of each factor, Nicholai had despatched it to his work, and all of the scheme via the day no much less. 

Kayne jumped when his cell phone buzzed in his pocket. Sighing, he leaned assist and pulled out his cell phone. It modified into as quickly as a textual content. From Nicholai. 

Did you gather pleasure from my reward, my Kayne? 

Kayne glared on the seemingly innocent phrases. “That smug asshole.”

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