“The highway not taken” by Photographer Arnaud Montagard

Arnaud Montagard is a French photographer presently primarily based totally in Brooklyn, Latest York. After shifting to the U.S. at age 21 to proceed his be taught in promoting and advertising and marketing, Montegard pivoted to pursue his photos pastime as a full-time job. “The us become as quickly as at all times an inspiration,” he explains. “I grew up with motion pictures by Wim Wenders, Clint Eastwood, Tarantino, the Cohen brothers and with the fascination for American avenue graffiti, which I launch documenting with my first digicam.”

Over the route of the ultimate few years, he has traveled 1000’s of miles throughout many verbalize strains, taking the pictures that may become “The avenue not taken.” Alongside the map, he become as quickly as interested in the repetition of conventional Americana motifs—motel indicators, classic vehicles, diners, and power-ins—letting mild and coloration house the stage for his fastidiously composed pictures.  “It’s perceivable a way of temporality,” Montagard explains, “The us is right away filled with changes and linked to its robust iconicity.”

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