Supreme Court docket of Attraction calls fugitive Bobroffs ‘thieves’

Their ‘overreaching, coupled with their decision to defend their optimistic points and investing or reinvesting an identical for his or her very personal serve, after 2014, vivid that that they had been now not entitled to the cash, constituted theft’ – SCA.

Fugitive father and son outmoded attorneys Ronald and Darren Bobroff had been this week disadvantaged of roughly R95 million, which the Supreme Court docket of Attraction (SCA) discovered to be “proceeds of illegal actions”.

The cash was as soon as frozen by the Israeli authorities after Israeli banks observed suspicious venture. In deciding whether or not or now not the cash will personal to light be forfeited to the South African authorities, the SCA took into memoir the reasons given by the Bobroffs for the supply of the cash. Of the roughly R103 million that had been is named suspicious, they’ve most positive been allowed to withhold R7.8 million.

Warrants of arrest had been issued or the Bobroffs on March 14, 2016 and so they fled the nation a couple of days later. Interpol Crimson Notices had been then issued. In March 2017 Ronald Bobroff tried to withdraw $830,000 from Financial institution Low cost in Israel. Paying attention to the Interpol Crimson Notices, the Israel Nationwide Police iced up Bobroff’s funds.

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The SCA was as soon as conscious of the purpose for which the Prevention of Organised Crime Act was as soon as handed, and held that the act “recognises the snappily inform of organised crime and cash laundering, nationally and internationally”.

It continued: “It information that ‘no explicit particular person will personal to light rep pleasure within the fruits of illegal actions’, and that laws is vital to present for a civil clear up for the preservation, seizure and forfeiture of property which is derived from illegal actions … [and that] within the context of the identified tendencies worldwide with reference to transnational crime, [its aim] is to strip offenders of the proceeds of their crime wherever they may per likelihood defend it.”


The primary pillar of the argument offered by the Nationwide Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) was as soon as predicated on the exhaust of illegal contingency charge agreements and the overcharging of consumers.

The Bobroffs contended that they by no scheme “intentionally or fraudulently entered into such agreements, and did now not produce so after a February 2014 Constitutional Court docket judgment confirmed the lawful area regarding contingency charge agreements”.

Very a lot, the courtroom discovered that they “did now not repay their ailing-gotten optimistic points to their erstwhile consumers after the ultimate judgment”.

The second pillar was as soon as primarily based totally completely on the whistleblower affidavit of outmoded bookkeeper at Ronald Bobroff & Companions, Bernadine van Wyk.

The courtroom, in vindicating Van Wyk, discovered that Darren Bobroff “manufactured false ultimate accounts to deliver the recordsdata up so far and to cloak the flawed accounting on the recordsdata”.

“On this regard, she well-known that in a great deal of cases the company had appropriated further than what that they had been entitled to as prices, and fictitious disbursements had been created and deducted.”

The courtroom additionally discovered that when Darren Bobroff had achieved these fictitious monetary accounts, he suggested Van Wyk to cross the related entries in dispute that the ledger would correlate with the memoir. This, she acknowledged, necessitated limitless reversals of fictitious disbursements.

It additionally discovered that this course of habits was as soon as now not restricted to Darren Bobroff. In respect of apparent recordsdata that had been handled by Ronald Bobroff: “The file notes evidencing time spent on diverse attendances, Ms van Wyk mentioned, had been fabricated and all monetary information was as soon as away from the recordsdata. Two regulate recordsdata, containing the entire fabric which had been eliminated, had been retained on the dwelling of Ronald Bobroff, whereas the sanitised variations had been offered.”

‘Distinctive instruction’

The SCA additionally discovered that “it was as soon as a standard instruction from Darren Bobroff to ‘rep R15 000 to disbursements. No VAT’ in respect of each and every file. When she queried the instruction, she was as soon as educated by him that the auditor of the company had ‘okayed it’. These ‘disbursements’ bore no relation to any exact prices.”

It’s that this R15 000 that was as soon as charged – on Ronald Bobroff’s mannequin – to as a minimal 6 000 consumers over a four-year period that accounts for R90 million of the ailing-gotten optimistic points.

Pertinently, the courtroom discovered that the Bobroffs, although expert attorneys “nicely conscious of the calls for of litigation”, selected now not “to seize with the antagonistic allegations of dishonesty and theft and fraud levelled in the direction of them”.

The hallmarks of cash laundering

The judgment units out in some half how the Bobroffs opened fictitious perception accounts to withhold surplus funds and likewise how that they had, all of the scheme through which by way of their in another country travels by the years, “opened and closed a gargantuan type of accounts for the motive that that they had been educated by the banks that it was as soon as a simple topic for banking authorities in South Africa to resolve whether or not or now not the travellers’ cheques had been deposited into worldwide financial institution accounts, and to then rep steps to try to attach the credit score parts”.

“The purpose of the voice was as soon as accordingly to disguise the origin and identification of the cash.”

The courtroom pointedly discovered that: “This be aware bore the entire hallmarks of cash laundering.”

Darren’s shocking wealth

The Bobroffs equipped no acceptable motive of the supply of Darren’s funds. Buy Johan Eksteen well-known that “the unsubstantiated advice that it represented the additional earnings of a junior felony educated would not commend itself”.

The courtroom discovered that neither Ronald nor Darren Bobroff had been prepared to present any plausible motive of the supply of the entire funds within the Israeli financial institution accounts and, in a similar variety, neither was as soon as prepared to present any half as to when any financial institution accounts had been opened or closed and what had took area to the proceeds in these accounts. Of the reasons proffered, these most positive reasonably accounted for acceptable over 7.5% of the entire.

“The supply and flow into of the funds within the a gargantuan type of accounts tumble inside the odd information of Darren Bobroff. His clarification, equal to it’s, falls woefully brief in a gargantuan type of respects of that which one may per likelihood nicely reasonably hold a question to of him.

“No clarification was as soon as proffered for the very appreciable parts deposited into the memoir at Financial institution Leumi all of the scheme through which by way of 2010 to 2013, nor the beneficiant flow into of funds from the memoir. This comes within the face of allegations of nice monetary impropriety on his part on the company all of the scheme through which by way of this period, which remained totally unanswered, and the now not as much as apt explanations pertaining to to the ‘Zunelle accounts’.”

The SCA has ordered that roughly R95 million be repatriated from the Israeli financial institution accounts and paid into the Legal Belongings Restoration Legend on the South African Reserve Financial institution.

The Bobroffs had been additionally ordered to pay the NDPP’s lawful prices.

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