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These days we’re in Mooreville, North Carolina, in Lydia Grupinski’s backyard. Lydia shared some photographs of this reasonably home remaining week, and at the moment we’re once more to survey additional!

Lydia wired Tillandsia flowers (airplants, tropical) and mosses to an feeble Edgeworthia shrub. What a in depth intention to raise new existence to a plant that has died!

Pinckneya bracteata (Zones 7–9) is a shrub native to the southeastern United States nonetheless easiest sometimes seen in gardens. It has showy purple bracts across the flowers and delightful inexperienced foliage.

× Gordlinia grandiflora ‘Candy Tea’ (Zones 6–9) is a unusual hybrid between two strange native timber—Franklinia and Gordonia—and is a rapidly-increasing shrub with lovely, aromatic white flowers. Recognized for being a shrimp bit fussy, it prefers soil that doesn’t dry out nonetheless is moreover smartly-drained.

Rhododendron flammeum ‘Jack Melton’ (Zones 6–8) is a decision of one amongst the deciduous azaleas native to jap North America, and it boasts some reasonably extremely colored flowers. Whereas you assume that growing native flowers should be tiresome, it is a shrub that can assemble you assume that every one one other time!

Acer palmatum ‘Tama Hime’ (Zones 5–9) and Pinus densiflora ‘Oculus draconis’ (Zones 3–7)

A few of the fruit within the backyard: figs, bananas, and peaches

The resident bunny, Pete, enjoys transferring azalea flowers.

Simple purple chrysanthemums (hardiness relies on cultivar) with Acer palmatum ‘Tamukeyama’ (Zones 5–9) and a stone cairn.

Polygonatum odoratum ‘Variegatum’ (variegated Solomon’s seal, Zones 3–8) and Carex ‘Everillo’ (Zones 5–9)

Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Hameln’ (Zones 5–9) and Salvia ‘Amistad’ (Zones 7–11)

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