Mod Nook: High Most Hilarious Fallout Mods

Now that the information is genuine that Microsoft has bought Bethesda, we figured this typically is the appropriate topic to debate for our newest mods recommendation itemizing! With our outdated recommendation itemizing talking about simple how one can convey Dragon Age into Skyrim, we’re now going to share a couple of of our most hilarious picks for mods that manufacture us exclaim in Fallout! 

When undecided, stroll Taylor Swift

I manufacture not achieve that’s an true saying, nevertheless or not it is far the appropriate prelude to this mod that truly does nothing indispensable nevertheless I take pleasure in it anyway. I’m not even a Taylor Swift fan, nevertheless the muse of roaming the Wastleland with a Barbie pink Pipboy with a large Taylor Swift face on it acceptable brings me an dejected quantity of pleasure. 

This mod is for Fallout 4 on PC. Thus far as I do know, or not it is not available on console nevertheless I even discover performed with it on PC and it is attractive. 

You’re welcome, and it is almost definitely you will possibly effectively earn it proper right here. 

Proper right here (Nicholas Cage) he comes to interrupt the day

Another star mod nevertheless instead of stealing the declaration of independence, ‘ol Nicky Cage is true right here to resolve our hearts instead. That is proper, Nicholas Cage is invading the world of Fallout 4 and in primarily the most efficient (and most pointless) scheme conceivable. 

This mod has video, so indulge in and I’m additionally a little bit bit sorry for any nightmares this may even offer you tonight. We take pleasure in you. 

Snag this horrible boy proper proper right here. 

An international of wacky

This mod is for Fallout: Modern Vegas and in case it is almost definitely you will possibly possibly not yell already, or not it is not meant to be taken critically. Flip into one with the memes or acceptable barf unfamiliar fireplace, this mod is magnificent  grand acceptable making your time in Modern Vegas actually really feel as nonsensical as conceivable. With the world ending, why not exit as a meme? 

From including story robots to throwing poo for some god horrible motive, it is almost definitely you will possibly effectively snag this mod proper proper right here for all your playtime pleasure. 

Deem Todd Howard, nevertheless then manufacture him Jesus

There are a whole lot Todd Howard mods out there for Fallout nevertheless my non-public in style is the retextured Pipboy that typically turns Howard into Jesus to bless your chase. Another settlement wants your serve? Abolish these mutants with kindness after which a butt-ton of bullets, resulting from you have the pliability of God and Todd Howard in your side. 

Blessed be his Todd, it is almost definitely you will possibly effectively earn this Fallout 4 mod proper proper right here. 

A model uncommon expertise

This mod is much less overtly droll and further acceptable actually superior swear that occurs to seek out hilarious moments. The “A Minute Mutant Topic” mod is for Fallout 3 and provides 7 uncommon quests to the game, uncommon characters, unfamiliar creatures, uncommon weapons, and a few magnificent hilarious dialogue. 

Whereas you end up searching for an excuse to dive serve into Fallout 3, this mod proper proper this is a legit motive to finish acceptable that. 

Whereas you cherished it you should not should assign a hoop on it, nevertheless it is almost definitely you will possibly effectively prepare within the allotment beneath to yell us how you might be liking Mod Nook so far! Any video games you’ll take pleasure in to realize about some concepts for? Fall these suckers within the prepare allotment beneath! 

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