Artist Highlight: Daniel Eatock

A unique of rolling pin work by artist Daniel Eatock. Eradicated from the context of meals preparation, Eatock makes use of the rolling pin to flatten daubs of acrylic paint into the surfaces of wooden panels. On this technique, the rolling pin’s flooring retains paint and varieties a print or facsimile of the marks factual made, transforming the kitchen utensil right into a quasi rotary printing press. As along with his different our our bodies of labor, Eatock’s ingenious route of — the formulation and systematic exploration of an thought — is as important, if not moreso, than the finished product. As he states:

“I personal an ongoing curiosity to proposing and discovering options to issues, assuredly issues that may not be formulated sooner than they have been solved, the shaping of the ask is share of the reply. I glimpse for points to restore or pink meat up, working love a tinkerer/inventor, I suggest conceivable picks to present fashions, preferring to go looking out packages spherical doing points correctly, bypassing the struggle. I make the most of self referentiality as an intention details to lower the extraneous and subjective, and attempt for a conceptual common sense. The thought that’s paramount and the topic subject raze secondary.”

Behold extra photographs beneath.

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