“A Sort of Blindness, A Sort of Sight” by Photographer Jaclyn Kolev Brown

Jaclyn Kolev Brown is an artist and photographer primarily based totally in Richmond, Virginia, the place she teaches photos at Virginia Commonwealth School. Strolling the toll street between reality and surrealism, her work on the general emanates from a central theme of questioning identification.

“A Roughly Blindness, A Roughly Look” explores the connection between faith and look. “Religion is a targeted technique of seeing that on the general seems earlier probably the most in model or reality right into a hopeful, future-oriented, and summary residence,” Brown explains. “Nevertheless, faith can moreover lead a specific individual to disregard probably the most in model reality, and subsequently be considered as a slender technique of seeing and even a get of blindness.” Bringing collectively fragmentary images, the sequence mirrors this restricted standpoint, whereas concurrently hinting at a much bigger which formulation, earlier what’s straight obvious, via the make the most of of symbols and a collective yarn.

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